Press, Pose, & Print is the leading provider of open air photo booth rentals--the ultimate party accessory, in the Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland area. To use an open air photo booth, guests simply stand in front of the backdrop, press the button, strike a pose while the monitor counts down, and seconds later your photos are printing!

The booths make for the perfect addition to any wedding, party, or other social event- no matter the reason for celebration. They create the perfect environment for facilitating and capturing memories as they happen. The result- priceless, professional grade photos that party guests and hosts alike are sure to cherish for years to come!Props

You pick the props and backdrop from Press, Pose, & Print Photo Booth’s expansive collection, or choose to use your own. The open atmosphere and fun-filled props facilitate mingling, encourage people to let loose, and gives attendees great photos to bring home that double as the perfect party favor and a lasting memory for guests to hold onto.

Open air photo booths are perfect for any kind of event, particularly if your are looking for something different than a traditional photo booth. With its open, stand-alone style, up to 10 guests (sometimes more) can fit in one picture. Plus, it doesn't take up as much of your event space.


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